Antoine Bello: "The Truth Does Not Exist" | Talks at Google

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Most often, what we call truth is only an expression of our subjectivity, an interpretation, not to say a pure fiction. Throughout his ten novels, Antoine Bello explores how the confusion between truth and fiction is rooted in the human ability to make up stories and affects virtually every corner or our lives, including history and science. Prepare for a shocker, you might not like what you hear!

Antoine Bello is a multifaceted character. Born in 1970 in Boston of French parents, he founded his company Hors Ligne, later renamed Ubiqus, while he was still a student at HEC. The company wrote minutes for meeting organizers and in 15 years he turned it into a 500 people organization with presence in France, Belgium, England, Canada and the US.

Antoine is also an avid reader who started a second career as a writer in 1993 and has since then published 10 novels and won multiple awards. The falsifiers, which tells the story of the rise of a young icelander within the CFR, an organization dedicated to falsifying reality and rewriting history is his most successful book to date. It is followed by two installments.

In Scherbius (and I), his latest novel published in May 2018, he explores the relationship between a pathological imposter and his psychiatrist.

Antoine is also a family man with 4 children who lives in NYC and a staunch supporter of Wikipedia to which he has been donating all his royalties since 2014.

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