Astronaut's Worst Fear Is Floating Off Into Space...


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Hello, everyone! In today’s video Smart Banana will try to imagine what would it be like if you went to space and got lost, or what does it feel like to float away into it depth? Keep watching and you’ll see that many Hollywood movies show us space as a much scarier place than it actually is.

NASA claims that no one ever floated away and never will. No one wants to witness things that happened in Gravity, that’s why there are tools that keep people safe. When on a spacewalk, astronauts use safety tethers to attach themselves to their spacecraft. Tether is a braided steel rope, which has a tensile strength of 1,100 pounds. If it's a two-person spacewalk, oftentimes the astronauts are also hooked to each other. One end is attached to the spacewalker. The other end is connected to the vehicle. The safety tethers keep astronauts from floating away into space.

Space actually is about the safety. Once in their suits, astronauts breathe pure oxygen for a few hours. Breathing only oxygen gets rid of all the nitrogen in an astronaut's body. If they didn't get rid of the nitrogen, the astronauts might get gas bubbles in their body when they walked in space. On the back of the spacesuit is a backpack. The backpack holds oxygen so astronauts can breathe. It also removes carbon dioxide that astronauts have breathed out.

Stay with us to get to know what will happen with astronaut in case of bad scenario...

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