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CMJ Masterclass | Shaping The Future: Music, Technology and Creative Collaboration

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Throughout history, from Bach to Bjork, musicians have sought out technology as a means of adding new dimensions to their performances. Today, artists from Nine Inch Nails, to Kanye West, to Aphex Twin, are using Microsoft technology to create amazing and engaging performance experiences. This panel discussed the evolving role of interactive technology in the music space while going inside the creation of DELQA, an interactive installation, powered by Microsoft, that transformed the music of Matthew Dear. Get an in-depth look at the role of technology in shaping the future of music and performance.

Recorded live at CMJ 2015 Tech Tuesday (October 13,2015)

Steve Milton – Founding Partner, Listen
Dave Rife – Interactive sound designer
Charlie Whitney – Media Artist
Kamil Nawratil – Creative Director, VolvoxLabs
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