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Enabling remote work with Microsoft 365: Microsoft Ignite 2020 Pre-Show!

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Host Stephen Rose talks with Karuana Gatimu from Microsoft Teams Engineering about all the great resources available to help you make the most of Microsoft Ignite. You’ll also get a preview of the new content on Microsoft Learn along with a quick demo of the Interactive Guides from Brett Polen of the Microsoft Teams Readiness group. Plus, Patch and Switch join us and share their guidance on how to make the most of Ignite!

Featured guests:
· Karuana Gatimu, Principal Manager, Customer Advocacy Group, Microsoft Teams Engineering, Microsoft
· Brett Polen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Teams/M365 IT Pro Readiness, Microsoft
· Joey Snow, Senior Program Manager, Identity Engineering Partner Strategy, Microsoft (AKA – Patch And Switch)
· Rick Claus, Cloud Advocate Lead, Modern Infrastructure, Microsoft (AKA – Patch And Switch)

00:00 Introduction
02:22 Interview with Karuana Gatimu about how to make the most of Microsoft Ignite
04:05 Virtual Hub information
05:45 Virtual Hub demo
09:44 Information on the new website Adoption.microsoft.com
10:57 Demo of https://adoption.microsoft.com
13:24 Interview with Brett Polen about Microsoft Learn
14:52 What’s an Interactive Guide vs Hands-on Lab?
15:54 New Microsoft Team MS Learn content at Ignite 2020
16:38 Microsoft Teams Interactive Guides at Ignite 2020
17:33 Demo of an Interactive Guide
20:04 Interview with Joey Snow and Rick Claus of Patch and Switch of Patch And Switch
20:49 Questions and Answers
33:24 Show Resource links

Additional Resources
Virtual Hub: https://aka.ms/virtualhub
Adoption.com: https://adoption.microsoft.com/
Microsoft Ignite: https://myignite.microsoft.com/home
MSLearn- https: https://aka.ms/learn
Virtual Event Playbook: https://aka.ms/virtualeventplaybook
Unofficial End User Guide to Microsoft Ignite: https://aka.ms/PatchAndSwitch

Stephen Rose: https://twitter.com/stephenlrose
Karuana Gatimu: https://twitter.com/Karuana
Joey Snow: https: https://twitter.com/joeysnow
Rick Claus: https://twitter.com/RicksterCDN
Patch And Switch: https://twitter.com/PatchAndSwitch

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Unfamiliar with our show? Enabling hybrid work with Microsoft Teams is a live Microsoft Teams webcast series for IT Professionals hosted by Stephen Rose. We have interviews with members of the Microsoft engineering staff, community experts, and real-world professionals who share their best practices on all aspects of supporting remote, hybrid, and on-premise work with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. You can watch and share valuable content and learn how the community is piloting, planning, managing, securing, and deploying Microsoft Teams.

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