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How Do Bullets Work In Games? - Loadout

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From Call of Duty to Grand Theft Auto, guns are an integral part of video games, with many of the biggest gaming franchises in the world putting a firearm in the hands of players.

Ever since 1992's Wolfenstein 3D, right through to the modern multiplayer worlds of Fortnite and Battlefield, developers have tried to create weapons that balance realism, satisfaction, and fun with what the technology of the time could achieve. But how do guns and bullet physics differ between games, and what techniques do developers use to make pulling those virtual triggers so satisfying?

In this episode of Loadout, Dave Jewitt visits the Royal Armouries to talk to Keeper of Firearms & Artillery Jonathan Ferguson to find out the ways in which real and virtual bullets stay on target, or miss the mark entirely.

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If you would like to support the Royal Armouries, you can make a charitable donation to the museum here. - https://royalarmouries.org/support-us/donate
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