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Humans May Not Have Come From Earth!

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You know the phrase: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus ... but what if we're all from Alpha Centauri? Before giving you an answer, we would like to explain the term 'alien'.
The word alien is used to describe an object or being which does not constitute the local environment. Now coming to your question, we would say that we may or may not have our origins on earth but we definitely are not aliens right now. If we assume that our origins are not earthly, then when we first set our foot in earth, we were aliens. With the passage of time, we adapted and changed our structure and synced it with the earth. The most widely accepted notion is called ballistic, or interplanetary, panspermia. It’s the idea of life being exchanged between planets within a solar system.
There are many reasons to believe we may not be Earthlings after all.

Stephen Hawking 00:45
An Interstellar Visitor in Recent Times 01:06
Amino Acid In Space Cloud 01:40
Possibility of surviving an impact 02:08
Are we really alone? 02:44
Martian Contamination 03:34
Meteorite contained Genetic Material 04:43

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