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I broke a lens...LIVE

Damn it....

Thanks to KEH CAMERA https://geni.us/KEHlive for sponsoring this video. They have an extensive inventory of affordable, certified and fully warranted used camera gear.
Use code MATTG to get an Extra 5% off your purchase!

You can also call 1-800-DIAL-KEH - they are still open for business online and on the phone.

Lenses used:
1. https://geni.us/852ais
2. https://geni.us/8514d
3. https://geni.us/8518g
4. https://geni.us/8514g :(
5. https://geni.us/10518
6. https://geni.us/10514e

DOWNLOAD THE SAMPLE FILES: https://geni.us/damnit

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