Rolling Laptop Cases: 5 Fast Facts


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Fact #1. Even though wheels have been around for millennia, nobody thought to add them to bags until the late 1990s. This is all thanks to an airline pilot. Tired of carrying his suitcase through airports every day via a stiff top handle, he invented the Rollaboard in 1987 and filed a patent for it in 1989. Prior to his invention, most luggage was oriented horizontally. He created a bag that stood vertically on two wheels with a retractable handle.
Fact #2. Lugging a laptop around can be damaging to your back, neck, and shoulders. If you're an adult who carries tablets and laptops, your health is at risk should you carry a single-strap laptop bag each day. A rolling laptop bag is the ideal way to relive your body of the stress of carrying these bags.
Fact #3. Once you no longer have to rely on your physical strength to hold up your laptop, files, and other items, you can actually pack a little more, too. Rolling laptop bags give you the freedom to tow a few extra items without putting too much weight on your back and shoulders.
Fact #4. Navigating cramped spaces like busy subway stations and buses becomes a bit easier with a rolling laptop bag. When you carry a briefcase or bag on the side of your body, you take up a lot of room. But you can easily tuck a rolling case between your feet. You won't feel like you have some awkwardly large appendage protruding off the side of your body.
Fact #5. These cases can help you move around faster. Since their wheels and frame bear the load, you can move at a higher clip. They can easily navigate sharp corners, as well. If you're one of those people who's always in a rush, you can't afford to carry a heavy laptop case that slows you down.
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