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Scientists Discovered 6th Sense Connected with the Pineal Gland

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We have all had a gut feeling which turned out to be correct. Аn ominous sensation minutes before receiving bad news, the feeling someone is watching through a crowd proven correct, a decision you just have to make but don't know why, a friend or family member popping into thoughts moments before they send a text message.
What if this is more than just a coincidence? What if it is, in fact, some sort of 6th sense? Is it possible that since the earliest days, human beings had a sense which goes beyond sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, a sense which, rather than lost over time, has merely been obscured?
This may sound like the trailer for the latest superhero movie or at least something out of new-age spiritual teaching, far from it.
The concept of a 6th sense has existed throughout the annals of human history, and, increasingly in modern times, is being discussed and studied seriously by science.
So, what is this supposed 6th sense? Does it exist? And, if so, just what can it do?

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6th sense, magnetoreception, pineal gland
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