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Stunning Ancient Artifacts That Todays Archeologists Cannot Explain

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These stunning Out of Place Ancient Artifacts have been discovered in places where they ought not to have been found. They are out of place because they actually refer to a time, especially if the place is a layer of rock, or geological stratum, which is associated with a period of time that is not currently accepted by historians. Finding fossils or bones in an unexpected geological stratum would pose problems for evolutionary theory, even to the point of blowing it out of the water.

The reason bones and fossils prove problematic in this situation is that they indicate an order in the appearance of species which is not compatible with evolutionary theory. These artifacts—figurines and drawings—show that man lived hundreds of millions of years ago, since the artifacts involved are of extreme antiquity (possibly a millions of years old), of such dinosaurs lived longer than were are currently told. As you can imagine, they pose a real problem for the conventional dates for the appearance of dinosaurs.
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