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The WAN Show - iPhone Battery Case FAIL and Troll Insurance - Dec 11, 2015

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Timestamps courtesy of Sam Tilling (IPickle), Ghost, JJMC89 & Brandon Axtmann
00:04:48 Donald Trump Wants To “Close Up” The Internet
00:09:50 European Commission Officially Presents Plan to Address Netflix Like Geo-Blocking
00:19:48 Google’s “D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer” 100 Million Times Faster Than Regular Computer Chip
00:24:20 Insurer now offering “Troll Insurance” for victims of online harassment
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00:39:55 National Crime Agency lists Cybercrime “Warning Signs” for parents
00:49:02 Apple announces iPhone 6 and 6S battery pack cover
00:55:44 Liking the wrong picture on Facebook can get you 32 years of prison in Thailand
00:56:32 Speedtest.net launches HTML5 speed test
01:02:50 Oukitel K10000 with it’s massive 10000 mAh battery
01:06:59 Spotify reportedly considering making some music available only to paid users
01:08:40 Mozilla kills the Firefox Phone
01:09:18 Ockel Sirius B: A Pocket PC
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