This Force Is Pulling The Milky Way At 12 Million Mph

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Somewhere deep in the outer space, far from the safe zones of our home galaxy, the Milky Way, lies a monster. Slowly, inevitably, it is pulling. Over the course of billions of years, it draws us and everything near us closer to it.

They call it the Great Attractor.

The location of the Great Attractor makes it very mysterious. It is located in the “Zone of Avoidance”, the part of our galaxy that is so densely filled with gas and dust that it’s almost completely impossible to see through it. Our galaxy along with other objects in the universe is being attracted or dragged to that zone.

The first evidence of the existence of such place was published in the 1970s but only recently scientists managed to see objects within that region with the help of x-ray astronomy. The HI Parkes All-Sky Survey (HIPASS) provided the first shallow survey of the whole southern sky. In fact, HIPASS was the first sensitive sky survey for extragalactic hydrogen ever made by any telescope.

They found the Norma Cluster, a large supercluster of galaxies in the area of the Great Attractor.

That's a pre-story of the Great Attractor. And for more information stay with us and watch the full video!

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