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Everyone dreams to have their own car, but having a car is also a great responsibility. Whether it is the affordable cars or expensive SUVs, they are pretty much the same when you face extremely difficult terrains.

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# Gadgets for Uneven Terrain
1) Track-N-Go http://trucktracks.com/en/
It’s something that'll keep you away from getting stuck in the first place, Introducing Track-N-Go. The world's best wheel driven track system. Its rubber tracks make driving your vehicle feel amazingly smooth and vibration free, and not only you can run the vehicle on snow but also in the absence of snowfall too.

2) ROTOGRIP-CS http://www.rotogrip.us
these flexible pre-tension Springs rotate whenever vehicle moves, help the tires to get better grips with the ground.

# Vehicle lifting Instruments
1) TRESTLE JACKS http://www.trestlejacks.com
Whenever you need to replace a tire, the brake linings or any maintenance work on a heavy cargo trailer you need trestle jack.

2) CATTINI LIFTING BAG https://www.cattini.eu/en/mammut-series/lifting-bags/
These pillows are a couple of inches thick, and whenever the air injected through pneumatic supply system, these pillows can lift cars and heavy truck upto six inches

# Car protecting gadgets

1) HAIL PROTECTOR https://www.hailprotector.com
Introduced by a company Hail-Protection, a unique remote-controlled patented technology that can save your car from the raining of frozen pellets or simply hail from the sky in bad weathers.

2) AUTO FIREMAN https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/auto-fireman-world-s-first-car-fire-extinguisher#/
It is a compact sized automatic fire extinguisher and can be installed in the engine compartment of the car.

# MINK https://www.minkcampers.is
This moving
house on the wheel is for those who love traveling and want to enjoy the freshness of nature and want to do some adventure in the wild. It is specially created for camping and all about creating enjoyable memories.

# SUPERGRIP http://www.put-and-go.com
Introducing The Super-Grip, an innovative designed universal chain, from a company “Put-&-Go.” Super-Grip provides you better traction even in the extremely difficult terrains.

# HYDRAULIC DECK http://tufflift.net
all aluminum designed modular vehicle lifter. Two company Tim-Vulcan and Tough-Lifter, collaboratively developed this incredible modular lifting machine that can be installed on truck’s cargo area.

# Air-Hawk https://airhawk.net/support/about/
Now Air-Hawk price is under 100$...
Meer Air- Hawk, a revolutionary automatic cordless tire inflator. It is the most convenient and time- saving way to fill up your tires.

# FLIR Path-FindIR
the FLIR Path-finder, which work with the help of infra-red sensor.Primarily it provides you a great night vision.

# LOOK-IT http://lookitcam.com/en/
Introducing LOOK-IT, an innovative rear vision system that helps the driver to see rear view with the help of Grid-Line calibrations.

# Turboblade https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/60667164/turboblade-the-revolution-in-car-detailing
meet the TurboBlade, an innovative car dryer, that can dry the vehicle in a more time- efficient manner.
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