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10 Mind Blowing Futuristic Air Cabins

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Here are 10 futuristic air cabin concepts.

News pertaining to what the future of air travel looks like for passengers often involves disappearing amenities and shrinking seats. Travel & Leisure, however, has come upon some significantly more exciting views of cabins today and those that lie ahead.
Here are 10 futuristic air cabin features.
Number 10. The Windowless Cabin. There are industry experts who believe it’s the wave of the future as those little windows create some big problems with pressurization and structural integrity. Spike Aerospace has proposed replacing them with videos streaming breathtaking skyline views.
Number 9. Embraer E2 Project. As PriestmanGoode sees it, the future of cabins is all about flexibility. Configurations can be switched up again and again, depending upon the changing needs of the airline, crew, and passengers.
Number 8. The Air Lair Seat. Personal privacy is a rare thing on flights, but Factorydesign aspires to change that. Their concept involves individual pods with an overhead projector displaying anything from a sky scene to movies.
Number 7. Singapore Airlines 777 First Class Seat. If space, comfort, and access to big screens is what you’re all about, then book yourself one of these. The relatively expansive environment created by BMW Group DesignworksUSA is considered among the finest first class seats out there.
Number 6. Butterfly Seat Concept. Just like its namesake, the seating imagined by Paperclip Design Limited undergoes a transformation that turns it into something beautiful. With just a little maneuvering of components, the unit can become a bed, a bench, and even a workspace.
Number 5. Thales Immersive Business Class Seat. Being kept up to date and constantly connected is of great importance to many, and Thales’ tech-savvy seat collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA helps keep them that way. The ultra high def display with eye and hand tracking is capable of syncing with passengers’ personal devices and even takes note of their setting preferences.
Number 4. Thomson’s Family Seat. Thomson Airways is letting families gather around a table. They’re equipping planes with face-to-face rows separated by a surface that allows for dining, playing games, and a bevy of other fun activities.
Number 3. Etihad Airway’s ‘The Residence’. It’s a 3-room suite, and a very luxurious one at that. It comes complete with a 32-inch television, Italian Ferrari leather details, and a professionally trained butler.
Number 2. Premium Seat Concept. Having a bed on a plane is nice, but being able to travel while immersed in one’s own world is even better. Should JPA Design’s vision come to pass, travelers with premium tickets will be treated to individual wraparound stations equipped with an array of technology and entertainment features.
Number 1. Airbus Concept Plane. While some want to do away with windows, Airbus dreams of making a plane covered with them. Part of the vision is a mostly see-through and spacious cabin filled with comfortable, fully rotating seats so passengers can watch the sun or the moon rise and set.
Which airplane cabin design do you like best?
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