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10 Smartphone Gadgets That Will Shock You

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Over the past few years, smartphone innovation has slowed down a lot with almost everyone offering similar features. Where things have kinda diverged, however, is in the add-on market; where companies are pushing for that next breakthrough accessory. And now, you can even get some super wacky gadgets that turn your phone into more than just a smart slab in your pocket. So, from the convenient Snapods to the quirky TikTrak, here are the top 10 smartphone gadgets that might shock you.

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10. Kodak Photo Printer - https://bit.ly/3xrFEFz
9. TechDen - https://geni.us/MwZb
8. iSmart Keyboard - https://bit.ly/3xxqheM
7. Wondercube Pro- https://geni.us/8KwyaQ
6. Snapods - https://bit.ly/3MV6knM
5. SoundBOOM - https://bit.ly/3Qr86A3
4. TikTrak - https://bit.ly/3xu3Ya3
3. AMPY MOVE - https://bit.ly/3xu4bKd
2. Thermal Camera - https://bit.ly/3tBBF8a
1. Wave- https://bit.ly/2GFFGBc

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