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11 Superhero Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind

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Most of us have dreamt of possessing a superpower since we were kids – and seeing how far science and technology have come, we might actually be closer to living out that fantasy than we think! Whether you want to experience an augmented reality like the Iron Man, or you just want to see what it’s like to defy gravity and fly, there’s a gadget out there that can turn your dreams into reality! Before we get started, make sure you’ve liked the video and subscribed to our channel, so you never miss out on any of the amazing content we share. Here are some incredible superhero gadgets that will blow your mind – let’s have a look!

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11. Lenovo Jedi Challenges-https://geni.us/JvGWFCQ
10. Iron Man MK50 Robot-https://geni.us/Lp7b
9. Tello Iron Man Drone-https://geni.us/QuWo
8. littleBits Droid Inventor Kit-https://geni.us/cCz39
7. Mjolnir Electronic Hammer-https://geni.us/ABuw
6. Sphero Star Wars BB-8-https://geni.us/T3rCzT
5. Kuratas Robot-https://bit.ly/3DuKtzq
4. Createtech Bionic Boot-https://geni.us/i8M2gr
3. Gravity Defying Suit-https://bit.ly/3DBSpPx
2. Myo Armband -https://bit.ly/2X2pYKL
1. Biomechanical Spinal Armor-https://geni.us/0uqIwHN

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