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12 Horrific Things You Can Meet In Space... Don't Watch This Video!

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Be like SMART BANANA: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L

Hey Mr. Banana! *looking for him* Hello? Where are you, my friend? Hey, yellow buddy? (Mr. Banana jumps out of the closet) *screams* What the hell are you doing? I could’ve had a heart attack. Whoa... Crazy! Yeah, you know, I wouldn’t stand a chance against the horrors of the outer space.

Occasionally, what we find lurking out there evokes terrifying feelings within us. And finding ourselves in the middle of the space chaos feels like the last thing I want to do today. Here are just 12 examples of things that lie past the sky you will be happy aren't too close to us.

And... What you've seen on the thumbnail is actually the X-ray skull.
It's the X-ray emission coming from the central region of the Perseus galaxy cluster. It's still really frightening, though. What if it’s an omen? Space is huge and terrifying...

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