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12 Self Defense Gadgets You'll Want To Buy

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Things can get scary when you’re out and about alone at night, which is why you really need to have something handy to protect yourself from the dangers of the world. IN today’s video, we’ll be talking about 12 self-defense gadgets you’d want to buy. We’ve got one gadget that straight up looks like something out of Assasin Creed and a tiny stun gun that’s going to leave any assailant regardless of their size in the hospital. We’ve also got another gadget which has multiple functions and does almost everything you can think of. . You’ll find links to all the products down in the description below.

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12. Enforcer Tactical Gauntlet - https://bit.ly/3txP81T
11. Olympian Triple Protection - https://bit.ly/327iqJd
10. Dentonics Gladiator - https://bit.ly/3KimGqB
9. Zap Stun Baton - https://bit.ly/3tyiRaU
8. Kubaton - https://bit.ly/3IiYhj1
7. Nagayka Whip - https://etsy.me/3IfP4YM
6. USB Stun Gun - https://bit.ly/3AcgBav
5. Mini Revolver - https://bit.ly/3rpehJu
4. Scorpy Max - https://bit.ly/3fxzJWS
3. Skull Knife - https://bit.ly/3Ii2R0D
2. Baton Belt - https://bit.ly/3IdB0Ph
1. SOG Baton Q2 - https://geni.us/QHYqFp

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