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12 Websites That Will Pay You for Things You Already Do (Make Money At Home Jobs)

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12 Websites That Will Pay You for Things You Already Do

Hey hey, and welcome back!

For those of you just checking in, I’m Chris Winter and today I’m here to tell you about 12 great websites you maybe didn’t know about which actually pay you for things you already do.

This is an amazing way to earn a little bit of money on the side and have fun while doing it, because most of these involve playing games, watching videos or TV, testing websites and online shopping, things that most of us like to do and do already.

So working our way up the list, starting from number 12, here we have the best 12 websites that will pay you to do things you already do.

The number one way to make money online for something you already do is to use cashback websites when shopping online.

Most of us make regular online purchases, and if you use a website like TopCashBack and many others which I’ll mention later on in the video, you can be looking at saving a lot of money on your purchases, and essentially being paid for shopping online!

Perk TV
What if I told you that there was a company willing to pay you to watch TV?

Not only that, but you could collect points by doing various tasks through one app, such as watching videos and doing online surveys, which could then be transferred to real money.

Well, such an app exists and it’s called Perk TV. Through Perk TV, you can make money watching videos from any category of your choosing, and it’s linked to other apps which allow you to earn Perk points by completing surveys.

There is also no need to actually watch the videos, you can keep multiple videos playing on multiple devices and still earn points - that’s 100% passive income!

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the income potential here is very low, and you’d be needing to watch many hours of videos in order to make a decent number of Perk points.

User testing
The next website is called User Testing, and allows you to test websites with a significant cash reward of 10 to 15 dollars per website, and there are no previous skills required.

Testing a website will usually take you about 20 minutes, so if you think about it, you could be earning up to $45 an hour!

Not bad income for something we inevitably end up doing anyway when we are browsing the internet.

Similarly, the website called Intellizoom is a new survey/website testing platform which pays you $5-$10 per survey/website feedback received.

The surveys are short and fun and you can easily earn a few extra 100 dollars a month just by taking a few minutes out of your day to complete surveys.

Next on the list is MyPoints, which has many different ways of earning money, from playing games, online surfing, cashback shopping and watching videos.

MyPoints is a great platform, similar to Perk TV where you can collect points, receive coupons and save on your online shopping through their cashback scheme, in addition to a $10 joining bonus.

This is a great way to save and earn money while doing all the things you usually do on the internet.

Another website worth considering if you like being paid to shop is Dosh.

This is about as simple as it gets, you download the app, link your credit card, do your shopping and then collect your cashback.

Dosh works with multiple well-known brands, including Walmart, Nike and Target, so especially if you live in the US this is a great option to save some money on the regular shopping you’ll be doing anyway.

Similarly, there are many websites that will give you rewards on your weekly grocery shopping.

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