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2021 Honda Ridgeline HPD - Mid-Size Pickup Truck

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2021 Honda Ridgeline HPD - Mid-Size Pickup Truck https://youtu.be/kwpqvMrUbQo

The Honda Ridgeline debuted back in 2005 with a unique take on the midsize pickup that was innovative, but it didn’t really make a big splash in the segment. When Honda revealed the second-generation Ridgeline in 2016, Honda softened the exterior to make it look more aerodynamic and fuel efficient, but then at the same time buyers said it didn’t look like a truck. Instead it was labeled as a Pilot with a pickup bed. Well now Honda has made some big updates for the 2021 Ridgeline and we can say it’s a great midsize pickup
The biggest issue with the current generation Ridgeline had to do with its face being too soft and car-like. Meaning that it looked too much like a crossover, mainly the Pilot and Passport, which did nothing for truck buyers that want the rugged image that a truck provides. For the 2021 model year, Honda gave the Ridgeline a big facelift with everything ahead of the A-pillar being redesigned.
The hood and face are now taller and more squared off to make the Ridgeline look more like a truck now. The Ridgeline’s grille is bigger and more imposing, plus there are new headlights as well. Put the 2021 Ridgeline next to the 2020 model and the differences are big and noticeable. The other updates include new wheel designs and a redesigned rear bumper with exposed dual exhaust tips.
Inside the updates are smaller with the biggest update being new cloth seats and some new accents on the center console and dashboard. The interior is spacious and comfortable with lots of storage areas and functional features, like the rear seat that can be flipped up or down. The interior does have some hard plastic parts, but it’s still one of the best interiors in the midsize pickup segment.
The 2021 Honda Ridgeline starts at $37,665, including destination for the Sport, which is a $430 increase. The Ridgeline RTL starts at $40,645 and the RTL-E is priced at $43,595. The top-of-the line Ridgeline Black Edition is priced at $45,095.
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