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5 Real Giant Robots You Won't Believe Actually Exist | USA Vs Japan Giant Robot Duel

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These robots seem like something you see in a sci-fi movie, but the giant robots in this video actually exist in real life.

Featuring USA Vs Japan giant robot duel, it's the battle of the century!

You won't believe these real giant robots actually exist!

Letron BMW E92

MegaBots Inc

In the summer of 2015, MegaBots, inc. completed construction of the USA's first giant piloted mech. The Mk. II MegaBot is a 15-foot tall, 12,000lb robot capable of hurling 3lb projectiles at speeds of over 130 MPH.

Upon completion of the Mk. II, MegaBots challenged the only other known giant piloted robot in the world to a duel. A 9,000lb robot known as KURATAS created by a group in Japan known as Suidobashi Heavy Industries.

Suidobashi Heavy Industries agreed to MegaBots' challenge under the conditions that the fight includes melee combat.

After two years of breakthrough science and engineering, MegaBots and Suidobashi are finally ready to bring the world the battle of the century. The all-new MegaBots Mk. III robot is a fully combat capable 12-ton, 430-horsepower steel crushing beast. Strap in and get ready. Things are about to get absurdly epic.


KURATAS, An organization which aims to spread human ride robots. We mass-produce and sell prototype KURATAS by Kogoro Kurata

Titan the Robot


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