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7 Reasons Why the Mavic Air is Better than the Mavic Pro

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A common question here at photorec.tv - which drone should I get, the Mavic Pro or the Mavic Air? I have 7 reasons why the Mavic Air is the best drone currently on the market. And 4 reasons why you may pick the Mavic Pro over the Air.
Recent price drops make the Mavic Pro just $999 for the fly more combo - this is a fantastic price!
DJI Mavic Pro:
DJI Mavic Air:
7 Reasons to get the Mavic Air instead of the Mavic Pro
Portability - Mavic air takes it to another level in portability
Image and video quality is a little better in the mavic air and Air offers better slow mo features at 120fps vs 96 in the
Cost - Mavic Air is cheaper especially when you add up extras
Additional Quick shot modes
Rear obstacle avoidance
Works without a controller
Built in memory
And 4 reasons to get the Mavic Pro
Uses occusyn tech - that means you get cleaner video feed at 1080 vs 720 from the air - and it supports longer distances - Europeans - the Mavic air may be more limited in your area because of the Wifi transmission.
Longer flight time - not a huge difference
More maneuverable gimbal - flying forward you can keep the gimbal pointed up higher than you can on the Mavic air
Mavic pro is a bit quieter - really it is a deeper pitch which sounds quieter.
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