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7 Zoom Mistakes You Don't Want to Make!

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If you want the best Zoom meeting experience then you need to avoid these common mistakes. In this video, Scott Friesen shows you 7 easy fixes and improvements to your Zoom conferences. From audio and video tips to how to be a better host, get ready to look like a Zoom pro!

00:00 Don't look like a fool on Zoom
00:23 How to test your Zoom audio & video in advance
02:39 How to use the spacebar to unmute yourself
03:55 How to share sound when Zoom screen sharing
05:27 How to move or hide the Zoom control menu
07:45 How to chat with everyone vs direct messaging
10:37 How to mute all participants
11:33 How to stop participants from doing things


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Scott Friesen is a productivity specialist and founder of Simpletivity training and consulting. He is also a prolific public speaker, workshop leader, and time management coach.

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