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A Home Security System With NO FEES! || FULL DIY SmartThings Tutorial

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A Home Security System With NO FEES! || FULL DIY SmartThings Tutorial

If you've been looking for a way to set up a full smart home monitoring solution with no fees, then today is your day and this extensive tutorial video is just for you. I'll walk through all of the different devices you'll need, as well as all the concepts and give you examples of how I've used each device and component.

So don't pay fees every month to some company who's only job is to call the police for you. You can do this yourself, and 999 times out of 1000, you won't need their service. And when you do, you can use this Samsung #SmartThings system to set up a #home #security system with no monthly fees!

Some affiliate links for these products:
SmartThings V3 Hub - https://geni.us/lG5abt (Amazon)
SmartThings Vision - https://bit.ly/2S9lDQl
SmartThings Motion Sensors - https://geni.us/Zsuwz (Amazon)
SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors - https://geni.us/ab28xn (Amazon)
SmartThings ZigBee Bulbs - https://geni.us/C8MfYq (Amazon)
SmartThings Camera - https://geni.us/raIne8 (Amazon)

Here are the extra resources you'll need:
SmartThings Full New App Walkthrough - https://youtu.be/LavRegG8gv4
Wyze into SmartThings Video - https://youtu.be/4uDf1DbRjJc
Connect SmartThings and Sonos to hear audible alerts - https://youtu.be/KtOUiMAWXQg
ActionTiles Tutorial, for Smart Home Panels - https://youtu.be/3VN395rsTjw
Virtual Switch Tutorial - Within this video: https://youtu.be/LavRegG8gv4
How to Create a Voting Scheme (use 2 sensors to trigger your security system) - https://youtu.be/3VN395rsTjw
Triggering Alexa Routines with SmartThings - https://youtu.be/BqJ3cHHcNyc

Intro and how this video is organized - 0:00
How The SmartThings System Works - 02:51
The Many Devices You'll Own - 08:33
Setting Up Your SmartThings V3 Hub - 10:30
Our Home Security System Tour - 14:54
Contact or Door Sensors - 15:10
SmartThings Cameras - 17:15
Connected Smart Speakers - 18:08
Motion Sensors - 19:03
A Privacy First Smart Home Camera - 20:27 - https://youtu.be/kJVKzByspn0
How I mount my Contact or Door Sensors -21:36
Protecting Patio Doors - 23:02
Protecting Windows - 23:53
Why ZigBee Smart Plugs Are Important - 24:35
Garage Sensors - 27:15
Garage Camera Mounts - 28:17
Leak Sensors - 28:33
Sirens - 29:38
Add a Device Into SmartThings - 30:47
Install Your First Sensor or Device in SmartThings - 30:47
Connecting Other Cloud Services like SwitchBot into SmartThings - 33:24
Discussion on Door Locks and Video Doorbells - 34:32
ActionTiles Panel, for a smart home monitor or panel - 35:48
SmartThings Monitor Setup - Getting Your Security System Setup in App - 36:38
Adding additional family members to your security system - 45:53
Sonos Speaker Announcements - 47:02
Virtual Switches in SmartThings - 48:13
How to create a 2 sensor notification - 48:51
Dealing with Kids with your Home Security SmartThings System - 50:20
Which Smartphones work With SmartThings? - 51:20
Smart Home Camera Privacy and False Positives - 52:15
Creating a Smart Home Control Panel in SmartThings - 54:10
What is Sharptools? - 54:56
Connecting SmartThings to Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and more - 55:12
Trigger Alexa Routines with SmartThings - 56:43

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Thanks for watching, and Don't Hate, Automate.

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