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Alien Ship Landing in African School: Over 60 Children Witness It

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Out in the schoolyard, a sound suddenly pierced the air, like a high-pitched flute. The students turned their eyes skyward looking for the source of the sound, and what they saw stunned them. There, in the sky above, were five mysterious disc-like crafts, glowing red. The students watched in wonder as the crafts disappeared and reappeared in flashes of light.
Without warning, one of the five broke off from the rest and began to descend, touching down a few hundred feet away on a hill just beyond the boundaries of the schoolyard. Though the students were not permitted to enter this area of thorny bushes and tall grass, their curiosity got the better of them and they rushed towards it.
Suddenly, a small humanoid figure emerged from inside the craft. It appeared to be only about three feet tall, with a pale, oblong face, long black hair, and huge eyes – “like rugby balls,” one student would say. It was wearing a tight-fitting, shiny black suit, and, to the shock of the students, it began to move towards them. As it did, a second creature appeared on top of the craft, gazing down. Some of the students panicked and ran off screaming. Others stood spellbound, watching the creatures as the creatures watched them. The kids that remained at the sight staring at the beings suddenly started to feel as if the beings were communicating with them telepathically.

Narration: Petra Ortiz - http://petraortiz.com

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