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Antikythera Mechanism - Lost Atlantean Supercomputer

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Occasionally, archaeologists find something so out of place that they can only assume the item is either fake or a modern reproduction. This was the case for an item discovered over a century ago just off the coast of a remote Greek island. The small bronze artifact was dubbed the Antikythera mechanism, and researchers have suggested that it was an ancient analog computer that dated back to the start of the Graeco-Roman era, around 200 BC. But how did the ancients craft this handheld computer which includes nearly 40 precise and intricate bronze gears, over 2000 years ago, during a time when such technology was thought to be nonexistent? And what exactly was this device used for? Was it some sort of advanced mechanism used to track the celestial bodies, or a navigational device used by travelers of the era? Could there be more to the history of this fascinating ancient supercomputer? Could the answers behind this device lead us back to the ancient civilization of the Atlanteans? And is it possible that the Antikythera mechanism could be the lost key to identifying an advanced civilization lost to time?

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