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Arch Supports: 5 Fast Facts

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Fact #1. Some see arch supporting insoles as things that only people with clinical foot problems need. The reality is that everyone can benefit from using arch supports. Arches absorb and disperse much of the pressure and stress from each step a person takes as they walk. This means they are exposed to thousands of pounds of pressure each day. The tendons running through them control the foot and influence the entire leg and lower back.
Fact #2. The type of arch support someone wears will be based on their individual arch shape and level. It's usually easy enough to find this out through personal inspection. A trip to the podiatrist can result in a perfect analysis of an individual's feet and support needs.
Fact #3. People with lower arches tend to overpronate inwards, which can cause the knees and hips to push out of alignment. Arch supports help correct this alignment and reduce risk of injury. People who overpronate should look for motion control supports to provide structure for the inside of the foot.
Fact #4. Underpronation can be equally detrimental to the feet, and is more pronounced in people with high arches. This is the foot's inability to move inward as it needs to. To correct this, these people should look for supports and shoes with a lot of cushioning. These will encourage the foot to roll inward.
Fact #5. These items are important additions to every shoe. However, there are some shoes that provide much more support than others. Understanding shoe choices and how they will support the natural arches of the feet can help determine which to use with supportive insoles. High quality running shoes for both men and women are easily the best choice for support.
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