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Canon SL2 vs Canon G7x! Which Is The Best Camera For Youtube 2018?

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Best Youtube Vlogging Camera 2018
Canon SL2 vs Canon G7x - Canon G7x Mark ii vs Canon 200D
In this video I’m going to go over some of the key differences and similarities between the brand new Canon SL2 and the Canon G7x or Canon G7x Mark ii so hopefully I can help you choose which one will be best for you.
But anyway let's compare the Canon 200D and the Canon G7x.
1. Size
So I first want to talk about one of the main differences and most obvious between these two cameras, and thats their size and their form factor.
The Canon SL2 is in the shape of a traditional DSLR, albeit a small on. In fact it's the worlds smallest DSLR with a fully articulating screen.
And on the hand the Canon G7x, is a compact camera, that first in your pocket with a fully retractable built in lens.
Now which one is going to be best for you?
I think it'll really come down to what you want to use your camera for and where you're going to use it.
If you're going out and shooting and you want to get the absolute best photos, the Canon 200D is going to be a better choice.
It is heavier and of course it doesn't fit in your pocket, but on the hand you can throw different lenses on it, and get some great shots.
The Canon G7x is perfect for when you're on the move and you don't want to be held up by carrying a larger camera.
Like I said before, having a camera that can easily fit into your pocket is great and something to think about.
2. Mic Input
Now both of these cameras are very popular with you tubers and vloggers.
In fact the Canon G7x is the most popular vlogging camera there and thats because its small, lightweight and easy to use.
One thing it is missing however is a microphone jack. These allow you to plug a microphone to record better audio.
Then Canon SL2 does come with one, so you can throw or a shotgun or a wireless like this one here, to get better audio.
Now the g7x does have pretty good audio when you're up close, but you will see that most pro vloggers do use an external mic.
3. Image Stablization
One nice factor of the G7x is that it's got built image stabilaztion and it works great.
When you're walking and blogging for example, it gets rid of those micro vibrations that you commonly see on camera.
The Canon 200D on the hand doesn't have built in image stabilisation to the body. But of course, you can get lenses with IS.
Lenses such as the 10-18mm, 18-55 and 18-135 all IS built and it makes a big difference.
Most prime lenses though don't have them.
So if you want an out of the box camera with IS, the G7x is probably better for that.
4. Sensor Size
Talking about size, but this time of the sensor, the Canon SL2 has the advantage here.
The 200D has an APSC size sensor which is pretty big, where as the Canon G7x has a 1 inch sensor.
Now both of these will perform pretty well in low light, but with the sl2 having that larger sensor, it's going to perform better with cleaner results and also allow for a shallower depth of fiel.
5. FPS
Now on the stills side, interestingly the Canon G7x has the faster burst rate.
It can shoot at 6.6 frames per second to 5 on the Canon 200D.
That's because theres no mirror on the inside of the G7x, and it gives it the edge.
Now both of these cameras are very quick, and should allow you to get the shots you need.
6. Screens
And lastly, the screens on these cameras are different as well, although both very good.
As you can see, the G7x has a flip up screen, whereas the Sl2 has a fully articulating screen.
The difference, well the SL2 has more options. Not only can it flip up, it can also go on other angles and importantly can flip in on itself to protect it when travelling.
So that was a quick comparison between these two cameras. Hope I was able to help you get a better understanding of which one will be best for you.
I hope you all have a fantastic day and I’ll see you next time.
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