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Chester The Cheetah Is A Confirmed Furry | News House

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The Twittersphere is regularly abuzz (atweet?) with trending hashtags and ridiculous feuds between humans, and typically musicians (TSwift/Nicki, Kanye/Wiz, Chris Brown/Everyone). And while that can be a fun way to spend a Saturday night in, it's not great to feel alienated on social media. Whether you're being trolled or someone just blocks you because you love a little too much,Twitter conflict can sting. Social media savy is important seeing as some social media mistakes could be the reason you're still single.

Recently, famous cereal mascotTony The Tiger felt (pun intended) the need to block all Furries from viewing his account. To be fair he was getting trolled pretty hard but he didn't have much love for the Furries who are clearly crazy about him. Obvs. He's a sexy anthropomorphic fictional athletic tigerman who rakishly wears only a red bandana. He is the Kate Upton of Furry fap fuel. But when attention shifted to Chestar the Cheetah, the furries were welcomed with fuzzy fervour. Chester is nothing if loyal to his Furry fans. It was a thing of true beauty.

I talk all about it on today's News House. 

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