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Delectable Dishes Made in a Coffee Maker

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According to Jody Anderson you can whip up tasty dishes like short ribs in your coffee maker.

Craving a home-cooked meal but don't have a pan, a stove, or even a kitchen for that matter?

Fear not, because you can just whip up a tasty dish in your coffee maker.

To the uninitiated, the appliance probably just looks like a pot, a burner, and a filter basket.

Jody Anderson, however, looked at one and saw a grill, a poacher, and a steamer.

She was inspired to find more uses for the machine after her nephew returned from Afghanistan and started talking about the dismal food options.

Mess hall food was, well, mess hall food and the soldiers were only allowed to have coffee makers in their quarters.

Sure, many college students have figured out one can use the pot to boil hot dogs, but Anderson went many steps beyond.

We're talking spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, split pea and ham soup, and short ribs.

After perfecting her recipes she sent them to her nephew and also began to post them on her Facebook page, cooking with your coffee maker.

There she offers tips on everything from carnitas to chocolate chip cookies.

Not only is making the food easy, clean up is reported to be a breeze.
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