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DevBytes: Google Fit APIs for Android - Recording and History

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Dive into the Google Fit APIs for Android. Google Fit is an open fitness ecosystem that provides developers with a single set of APIs to discover, record, store, and read activity data with user permission. The Fit APIs for Android are bundled in Google Play Services -- making them compatible with Android devices back to API level 9 (Gingerbread) -- and backed by a cloud datastore. Google Fit is also accessible by a REST API.
This DevByte is the second of two parts. In the first, we connected to Google Fit for Android and used the Sensors API. In this DevByte, we use the Recording API and the History API to record, retrieve, and display the user's fitness data. Google Fit records and syncs data from Android sensors and connected wearables in the background in a battery-efficient way, freeing your app from long-running services, databases, and backend servers. Users own their data and can share it with apps of their choice -- including yours -- to make their data work harder for them. What will you build with Google Fit?
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