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Discover Quantum Dot Display picture quality with The Holderness Family | Samsung SUHD TV

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See the life-like colors and brightness than ever before with the new Samsung SUHD TV. Watch how The Holderness Family reacts to the stunning pictures.
Quantum Dot Display gives you the power and flexibility of incredibly tiny, nano-sized particles that emit different colors depending on their size, resulting in intensely accurate and vivid colors. HDR 1000 provides you a dynamic range of luminance so you can see the details even in their brightest and the darkest areas of an image. And together with Ultra Black technology, you are reduced to glare on the screen, even if you’re in the middle of a sun-lit room.
Thoroughly lifelike picture quality. This is TV.
To learn more, visit www.samsung.com/global/TV
All screen images in the video are simulated.
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