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Do astronauts really go nuts in space?

Hey, Mr. Banana, what do you think you’re doing? It’s my peanut butter and get your fingers out of it! Haven’t we discussed this already? Ugh. Sometimes I think you went nuts with all that space agenda you’ve been on recently. By the way, yesterday I read a secret article about space dementia and how some astronauts go nuts right in the ISS. Why do you think there are so many of them and some aren’t even thinking to going back to the open space? That’s right, my friend, they go nuts. And they have more than enough reasons for that.

Space is huge. They say that only in space does a person realizes how tiny he or she is in this huge void of the universe. When you get back to earth and feel solid ground under your feet, you never feel like you felt before. The majesty of our planet can be difficult to describe. But these astronauts really try.

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