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Does APPLE Watch 8 Case fit to H11 PRO Apple Clone?

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H11 Pro Watch is a Clone of all-new Apple Watch 8. And this Fake Apple Watch 8 H11 Pro Smartwatch is also being sold under the name of Kiwitime Fly9 and Vwar Fly8 Pro

-H11 Pro Apple Watch 8 Clone FULL REVIEW https://youtu.be/FPWHAv_Ra48

-GET Your Protective Case for H11 PRO Smart Watch and Apple Watch 8 HERE: https://bit.ly/3J1S3r5 , https://bit.ly/3iYqpkd
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-Apple Watch Series 8 Smart Watch: https://amzn.to/3H3w9l1
-H11 Ultra PLUS (Thinner Bezel, without Music Storage): https://bit.ly/3vQkRv7
-HK8 PRO ULTRA Smartwatch Apple Watch Ultra Clone: https://bit.ly/3I4Fw5P , https://bit.ly/3HMILPd , https://bit.ly/3vdUxuk , https://bit.ly/3vgIoVT
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-VWAR ULTRA MAX Smartwatch: https://bit.ly/3FzuWkl , https://bit.ly/3PAB8NF , https://bit.ly/3hpygqx
-VWAR IWO Ultra 3 Smart Watch: https://bit.ly/3uT7EB1 , https://bit.ly/3YFGpIb , https://bit.ly/3PyZqHK
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