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Forbidden Egyptian Discovery of an Advanced Technology

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Could the pit at Zawyet El Aryan have been connected to the Great Pyramid by underground passages used to move water, as many have suggested, but not for the purpose of irrigation, but rather to move “electrified water” used to fuel an ancient civilization, as Brown and Hurtaks proposed? Maybe this has something to do with the black residue found in the pit’s oval tub by Barsanti. Could this be evidence of some sort of electrical burning or chemical process, the polished mirror-like tub the place where electricity was generated? Perhaps this is why research on the site was so abruptly shut down in 1964, why it is now locked within a well-guarded military zone. Perhaps beneath the pit at Zawyet El Aryan, hidden in an area Alessandro Barsanti tried so hard to get to, is the proof of an electrical ancient Egypt, the type of secrets which would totally change our understanding of human history …

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