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Future Smartphone From Lenovo !

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Future Smartphone From Lenovo !
lenovo smart Cast a projecting smartphone
Lenovo demonstrated an uber-cool technology called the Smart Cast - something we had previously seen only as a proof-of-concept before. This time though, Lenovo has an actual product (which is still in development) which can project the smartphone screen to a wall or any surface and let you control/type/play over that surface.
Lenovo Smart Cast: Laser Projection Smartphone Demo and Overview. Lenovo Smart cast is a new innovative technology where users can project a keyboard or an interactive display on any flat surface.

Users can use the projection to interact with the smartphone. They can use it as a second display, use it as a virtual laser keyboard or play games on it.

The smartphone can be used to project on a table or on a wall. Users can view videos or movies using the projector which can project upto 50 inch screen.
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