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Galaxy S21 Ultra VS Galaxy Note20 Ultra: Samsung Undid Its Own!

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So, you navigate to the store, see the new Galaxy and think, yeah this is the one I really want, but if we're honest, last year's phone is almost the same phone, so why pay more, right?

Well, this is one of those rare cases where it's not that simple. Right now if you want to buy last year's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the price has actually *dropped* to match the new S21 Ultra. I know! It makes no common sense, but it's been the usual trend where the Note has always been more expensive than the S because of the added features. I even read a few of your comments in my review stating that this new Ultra wasn't a worthy upgrade when compared to last year's Note. A statement I've historically agreed on for at least five years, given how much Samsung blurred the lines between both lineups.

So, instead going back to its roots, what happens when Samsung decides to blend them even more than before, but this time, without the price gap? I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let's just say they're less similar than you think. This is Galaxy S21 Ultra VS Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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