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Galaxy Z Flip4 VS Galaxy Z Flip3: Samsung Made It Hard..

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Who would've thought that picking a flip phone in 2022 would've actually been a thing again? 15 years after the flat slab took over, we're finally at a time when grabbing a flip phone is aspirational. Sure, some companies are still struggling to figure themselves out, but Samsung is not one of them. The original Z Flip and its 5G successor were not necessarily products I felt were ready for mass adoption, but I'd say the next two generations where bold enough to earn their own comparison.

On one corner we have the Galaxy Z Flip4, Samsung's latest upgrade to the most successful foldable of all time, and on the other we have precisely that phone. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 took the world by storm with its looks, durability and aggressive price. You could judge a book by its cover and think there are no real differences between them, but the story is not precisely that. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let's see which phone you should get.

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0:00 - Introduction
1:58 - Hardware
4:33 - Software & Experience
5:53 - Camera
8:07 - Conclusion

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