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Geneva Motor Show 2014 - We're Here!

Geneva Motor Show 2014 - We're Here!

It's not often we get an opportunity to stare at cars only seen in James Bond flicks. The kind of vehicle it would take most middle-class workers ten lifetimes to save up for. So when the Geneva Motor Show rolls around each year, it gives us the chance to dream. Standing among some of the most beautifully engineered machines on the planet, the show offers a look at the automobiles of the future, where we can step back and admire some of mankind's biggest achievements.

We'll be on the show floor all week, taking a look at production and concept cars on display from the world's biggest automakers. The annual auto show typically attracts some of the best the industry has to offer, and we definitely weren't disappointed last time we attended. Stay tuned throughout the next few days for plenty of video and photo coverage as we roam the annual motor show.

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