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MakerSuite is a tool to start building large language model applications with Google’s generative language models quickly and easily. MakerSuite makes it simple to engineer prompts, so that you can create and share functional prototypes of LLM-powered applications within minutes. Build a travel itinerary generator, passage summarizer or any other application idea that comes to mind!

With MakerSuite, you can seamlessly prototype, validate, and refine your idea. When you’ve built something you like, export your code and build your app with Google’s generative language API. This video walks you through the MakerSuite UI and how to use MakerSuite to prototype an idea for the PaLM API.

Learn more and try the PaLM API and MakerSuite here → https://goo.gle/4248lWY
Sign up to use the PaLM API and MakerSuite → https://goo.gle/42TNlD1

0:00 - Intro
0:22 - Prototyping with text prompts
1:47 - Prototyping with data prompts
4:00 - Saving and api export

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