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Google I/O 2014 - Going responsive with the Google Play Apps Suite

Kirill Grouchnikov, Marco Paglia

The Google Play apps suite started as five separate projects -- Play Store, Play Music, Play Books, Play Movies and Play Magazines -- each with its own visual style and presence on devices and the web. Through 2013 and 2014 we worked to bring these together under a single design and common brand, with a unified experience across multiple screens and devices.

In this session we'll look at the Play design to see how it scales along two key vectors: consistency across tasks such as exploring, purchasing and consuming digital content; and consistency across a broad spectrum of screens, from phones to tablets to the web on 30"" desktop monitors. We'll highlight the cards and clusters that organize content and look at the building blocks that let us implement a responsive design. Join us to hear why we set out on this journey and what we've learned along the way.

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