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Hack: How To Make A Stove With Soda Can | Basics

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Make Your Very Own Portable Soda Can Stove. Create your very own lightweight, super portable and compact mini-stove out of empty soda cans by watching the video above. This handy Basics hack is a godsend for on the go campers as well as any guys out there who have a hankering for taking things apart and creating new and unique creations. Not only can this stove be used to cook small meals when on the go, but it's also very useful for when your out camping and might need to boil water for cooking or just to purify it before drinking. Our step by step video guide above will show you an incredibly inventive use for all those empty soda can that you were about to throw out. So grab a few empties (side note - beer cans will work well too), make sure you wash them out first and then click play above.

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