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HDMI To RCA Composite Converters: 5 Fast Facts

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Fact #1. When consumers started demanding high fidelity sound, the RCA connector was front and center. RCA could deliver both audio and visual elements with ease. This was the standard until very recently, when HDMI came onto the scene. Luckily today, there are things like HDMI to RCA composite converters and AV to HDMI converters. We no longer have to purchase on or the other.
Fact #2. HDMI is the standard for transmitting uncompressed video and high-quality audio between various modern devices. The intelligent design of the HDMI jack is such that it can easily incorporate the functions of nearly every other connector type. This makes backwards compatibility simple. It also makes conversion between HDMI and other sources, like RCA, easier. This means an HDMI to RCA converter is a sound investment.
Fact #3. The acronym RCA has no AV significance. The Radio Corporation of America named the jacks after the corporation itself. They allowed technicians to service speaker units or turntables when they were in disrepair. The standard at the time was still the quarter-inch connector. RCA jacks were mainly used between components of the sound system itself.
Fact #4. There are a couple downsides to RCA connectors. The connector cables can make a loud buzzing as plug and unplug them. The design of the plugs causes this buzz. The signal pin makes contact before the ground ring does. Another confusion with RCA connectors is the sheer number of male to female connections necessary to actually use the devices. The connectors are color coded to make the process less confusing.
Fact #5. HDMI combined all the inputs into one simple, high-quality digital interface. Yet many people still have older analog equipment that still works quite well. This is why HDMI to RCA composite converters are so important. The financial impact of throwing out a perfectly good piece of AV equipment is extremely high.
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