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How Google Assistant powers voice features in your apps with App Actions

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In this episode of Assistant on Air, Developer Relations Engineer Toni Klopfenstein and Rebecca Nathenson - Assistant PM Director - chat about how Google Assistant helps devices and apps work better together through a natural intuitive interface. Moreover, they walk us through an overview of App Actions and its benefits. From discussing new features - such as App Install suggestions, brandless queries, and integration with Wear OS - to automotive features, this video will help you understand how App Actions heightens voice experiences for users and developers alike across various applications.


App Action Docs → https://goo.gle/appactions-docs
App Action Codelabs → http://goo.gle/appactions-codelabs
App Action videos → http://goo.gle/appactions-videos
App Action Samples → http://goo.gle/appactions-samples

0:00 - Intro
0:27 - Backstory behind Google Assistant
4:19 - App Actions
6:16 - Android across Android devices
7:18 - Brandless queries
7:46 - App Install Suggestions
8:18 - Custom intents
8:49 - App Actions Wear OS
9:39 - Automotive applications
12:10 - Rebecca's recap

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