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How Shell V-Power improves the performance of your car | Promoted

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We find out how Shell V-Power can rejuvenate the performance of your engine from the scientists behind it.

The speed and precision with which an internal combustion engine operates is almost unfathomable. Along the pit straight at Bedford Autodrome, a BMW M5 CS is breaking through 130mph at the top of fifth gear and the crank is spinning at 7200rpm. The pistons are racing up and down the bores 120 times a second, met with perfectly timed bursts of fuel and air for unrelenting thrust. With such fine tolerances, any weak link in the chain will bottleneck the performance and efficiency an engine can offer; not least the type of fuel you’re using.

Shell V-Power first appeared at the pump more than 20 years ago, and the formula has been continuously developed to deliver the very best for the very latest high-performance engines and the technology that’s packed within them. To find out how it works to improve the performance and efficiency of your car, evo took a trip to Shell’s technical centre in Hamburg for a deep dive into the science behind V-Power.

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