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How to Build a Faraday Cage: Step-by-Step Instructions

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In this video, I'll take you through each step to build your own Faraday cage with an ammo can. Download the Start Preparing! Survival Guide here: https://cityprepping.tv/38C5Ftt - start your preparedness journey: https://cityprepping.tv/3lbc0P9

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Items you'll need:
Ammo can: https://cityprepping.tv/3r66h3Y
Aluminum foil: https://cityprepping.tv/467PfRI
Pliers: https://cityprepping.tv/3rfrloI
Sandpaper: https://cityprepping.tv/3EGAYzP
Duct tape: https://cityprepping.tv/3Lp42PX
Grounding wire (6 or 8 AWG): https://cityprepping.tv/3LiCpb9
N95 mask: https://cityprepping.tv/3rcfcAQ
Scissors: https://cityprepping.tv/467jYyj

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