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I swapped my Porsche 911 Turbo for THIS!

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Mat’s got himself an all-new car! That’s right, the Porsche 911 Turbo S is GONE, and he’s swapped it for… an Audi S8!

That’s right, the king of the carwow drag strip is gone, and it’s been swapped for a luxury saloon. But will Mat enjoy his time with the S8 more than the 911 Turbo?

Well, you’re about to find out! Mat will take you on a tour of the Audi S8 to find out what’s good, and not so good, about it. From interior and exterior design through to practicality and tech, Mat will show you just what the Audi S8 has to offer.

But of course, this is carwow, so he won’t end there… He’ll also see what performance is like over the quarter-mile, and also find out just how fun the S8 is to drive once you hit a twisty country road!

He’s had some pretty astonishing cars over the past few years, from the BMW M3 & Audi RS6 to the BMW M5 CS and 911 Turbo! But is the S8 the best yet? Let us know in the comments!

Sell Your Car with carwow: https://bit.ly/Buy-Sell-WOW

Audi S8 v Audi RS6: https://bit.ly/Audi-S8-v-RS6-Drag-Race

A previous saloon long-termer: https://youtu.be/hS-X_L6uJ8Y
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