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Impossible Ancient Stone Cutting Technology of the Egyptians

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In Ancient Egypt, 100 ton obelisks and blocks of granite were cut from the bed-rock, and shaped using diorite pounding balls, copper tools and sand: This is the accepted consensus. But these crude methods are so unlikely to have produced the visible results as to be, at best, simply a guess. The elegant and sophisticated artifacts seen across Egypt from Giza to Luxor to Aswan and displayed in the great museums of the world, are testament to whatever techniques were used in their creation.

Today, this technology is a mystery to us. Stylised human/animal statues carved from granite, intricate hieroglyphs cut into granite obelisks and perfectly flat, interlocking blocks of granite are some of the proof for this technology. The rain forests of South America might be the place to start looking for answers. In his illustrated presentation, will show evidence indicating the skills seemingly in use over 4,000 years ago.
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