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Integration tips with Google Pay #AskGooglePayDevs

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Welcome to our very first episode of #AskGooglePayDevs with Developer Programs Engineer Jose Ugia. This series will address commonly asked questions about integrating Google Pay.

Make sure to use the #AskGooglePayDevs hashtag across Twitter, YouTube, Stack Overflow, or any other site where you enjoy asking questions!

0:00 - Introduction
0:37 - Integration tips with Google Pay
2:05 - How to collect payments for an application listed in Google Play: Should I use Google Play Billing or Google Pay?
2:45 - Should I integrate directly with the Google Pay libraries, or should I use the libraries from my PSP?
3:37 - How to integrate Google Pay using a mobile or Web library or framework?
4:28 - Where to place the Google Pay button inside your checkout form?
5:14 - What happens after I receive a payment token from Google Pay?
6:18 - How do I complete my integration with a PSP?
7:22 - How to test my integration before publishing my application or website?
7:54 - I have completed my integration, what do I need to do next?
8:30 - What security implications are there after integrating Google Pay?
10:30 - What’s the difference between gateway and direct integration? Which one should I be using?

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