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iPhone 12 Pro Max Review :: A Photographer's Perspective

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The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the latest flagship phone from Apple that is a major upgrade to their constantly maturing smartphone lineup. From a photography standpoint this stands to be one of the most advanced camera systems in any smartphone ever made… well it will be in the next few months with the release of Apple ProRaw in iOS 14.3

This review is specifically about the Max version of the iPhone 12 Pro. There are a few physical differences between this and the smaller Pro version. You get a 2.5x telephoto lens (2.0 in the iPhone 12 Pro), the Max uses a larger sensor in the main camera (along with a 7 element lens) for better performance, and because the phone is physically larger you also get sensor stabilization which will give you slighly better performance in low light than the optical stabilization used in the smaller Pro.

The hardware upgrades are nice, but the stars of the show are Apple ProRaw for still images and Dolby Vision for video.

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 Apple ProRaw Explained
05:43 iPhone 12 Pro Max Design
06:43 Lume Cube Panel Pro for lighting
09:58 iPhone 12 Pro Max New Features
12:31 Dolby Vision Explained
16:14 Dolby Vision Sample Footage

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